UPS social video edit down montage
To prepare for the busy Holiday season, UPS, a much-admired global delivery and logistics company, produced 9 videos to help their customers navigate the instructions for specific packaging and delivery needs. A strong graphic approach helped these explainers take flight, especially through the stunning illustrations and framing of the top shots, and the intricate animation techniques for the hand animation.
Client: UPS
Agency: T3
Direction: Native to Noise

Animators and Designers : EJ Dalupang \ Nowy Aratan \ Clarissa Gonzalez \ Angelo Cuyegkeng \\ Design: Megan Palero \ Claudine Aranza \ Martin Jarmin \ Nowy Aratan \\ Inters: Micah Ibay \ Elizabeth Tan \ Shintaro Lopez \Francine Santos \ Claudine Aranza \\ Hand Animation: Jae Il Soon 
Production House Aardman Nathan Love \\ Creative Director Joe Burrascano \\Head of Production Derrick Huang \\ Executive Producer James Braddock \\ Original Music Drew Skinner \\ Sound Design Drew Skinner
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