McDonald’s Shanghai Value Meal Spot
Client: McDonalds Shanghai
Agency: TBWA Shanghai
Director: Native to Noise

Producer: Angelo Cuyegkeng  \\ Design and Animation: Nowy Aratan \ Ej Dalupang \ Megan Palero \ Claudine Aranza \\ Editor: Nico Puertollano

New York
Production House: Aardman Nathan Love \\ Creative Director: Joe Burrascano \\ Executive Producer: Jeff Wolf
\\ Producer: James Elio \\ Line Producer: Heidi Tannenbaum

Production: Lunar Films \\ Executive Producer: Ken Yap \\ Producer: Jocelyn Lee
McDonald’s McDonald’s Shanghai Rice Bowl
Shanghai BTS
Manila BTS
Table Assets
Table Study No. 1
Table Study No. 2
Final Table Design​​​​​​​
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